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CJ has an unusual, but often more effective approach to writing songs for children. For over 10 years, He has established himself as a chameleon-like artist who can comfortably jump from genre to genre including Rock, R & B, Disco, and Country. CJ’s vocal is engaging, easy to follow, and always in the front of the mix. Additionally, his emphasis is on the music and vocal portion of children’s songs, rather than silly, story-like lyrics. With this focus, kids are more easily engaged, …

“FUNdamentals” is a wonderful collection of traditional and original songs for children. CJ’s playful, genre-hopping style makes all 16 of these tracks a treat for the whole family. “Hey-O” is the perfect opening track, with its optimistically sunny, “It’s gonna be a good morning!” attitude. “Mr. Sun”, a traditional children’s song, is like “Weezer meets The Beach Boys”, and will likely become the family favorite. “5 Green And Speckled Frogs” is another traditional song, with very or…

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